How To

We have a wide range of bisque (moulded pottery items) that you select off the shelves on the day and paint at your table. This includes items such as mugs, plates, jugs, vases, platters as well as a good selection of animals and cartoon characters that appeal to children.

We recommend a two to three hour session and co-ordinate our bookings based on that.

The price range of our bisque is from around R100 to R600.

There is a good range between R165 and R250.  This price is an all‐inclusive price of the pottery, paints (underglaze), glazing and firing of the item.  We have loads of different underglaze colours for you to choose from and stencils, stamps and stickers to help you create a beautiful piece of art.  Your waiter is trained to show you all the different techniques that you can use.

 Once you have finished painting your bisque, we glaze and fire it on our premises in our kilns. We will notify you via WhatsApp that the item/s are ready for collection after more or less 25 days.  Please expect it to be longer during peak holiday times.


Step 1

Choose your item.

Step 2

Dip your item

Step 3

Choose your tools.

Step 4

Choose your colours.

Step 5

Paint your item.

Step 6

Mark your item with your unique code

Step 7

Leave your item to be fired and glazed.

Step 8

Wait for your whatsapp to collect from Clay Cafe Red Barn

NB! This pottery is a handmade product and is very fragile in its bisque state. There may be cracks that are not noticeable when painting the item but become a lot worse once the item is fired to very high temperatures. Too much paint or if an item gets too wet can also affect the outcome of the final product.